Around the house January 2016

This month has been surprisingly busy for us. But busy in a good way.

We’ve had some wonderful friends visit us. First we had the Kimber and Craig Chafin stay with us an entire weekend. We enjoyed having them over! Then Jasie stayed with us for a few days. We’re so happy to have this house and that we can now host people!

Here are some pictures from the month:

Sometimes we go on a family walk around Lions Park near our home. Mabel usually falls asleep.


The Provo temple open house has begun. Mabel and I have already been twice!IMG_0361

I caught John singing to Mabel one night. She loves music and especially listening to her dad sing.IMG_0362

Skimbleshanks doesn’t really care for the baby, but she’s very interested in him!IMG_0386

Here is Callan showing his gameboy to Mabel. He was so good with her.IMG_0388

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