Happy Holidays 2016

Mabel’s first Christmas was mostly fun for us. We will be excited when she finally starts to understand what is going on around her. She got to meet her cousins for the very first time and they were so nice to her! Even though she was being a bit crabby 😉 Poor Aunt Amie was such a trooper and held Mabel during the entire Christmas Eve fireside. Both John and I were participating so Amie was stuck with the baby and she just cried the entire time. Thank goodness for understanding and loving Aunts! We spent a beautiful snowy Christmas day with John’s family.

The next day we left to spend the time with my family. Mabel did great on her first plane flight! As usual, we spent nearly the entire break recording music. But we also went to Washington DC and caught a cold!

We are so lucky to have such wonderful families that love us!

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