China 2013

This time last year we had the amazing experience of going to China. Here is some evidence:

Beijing and surrounding area:

P1030547 P1030469 P1030586 P1030583 P1030538 P1030527 P1030507 P1030493



P1030616 P1030631 P1030636 P1030645 P1030657 P1030685 P1030687 P1030727 P1030735 P1030747 P1030750 P1030758

Yangtze River Cruise:

P1030767 P1030771 P1030774 P1030782 P1030784 P1030785 P1030790 P1030796


P1030798 P1030803 P1030805 P1030807 P1030811 P1030814 P1030817 P1030820


aaannnnndddddd fun signs:

P1030466 P1030467 P1030563 P1030570 P1030566 P1030600 P1030627 P1030628 P1030775

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1 Response

  1. Judy Bush says:

    What a fun trip down memory lane! I especially enjoyed the signs. They made me smile!