Playing catch up

I’ve got a lot of photos sitting around and I just want to put them up and be done with them. Everything’s been busy around here!

Skimmies has missed looking out the window from our bed.


Last lunch in our old apartment. Thanks to Crystal for bringing over the food.

Breaking in the new apartment.

Ru and Skimbleshanks

We blanched all the swiss chard that we could pick before we moved. We stayed up until midnight getting this done.

We went up to the sheepdog trials in Midway for Crystal’s birthday. It was surprisingly fun. We went home and watched Babe when it was over.

John and I love going to the Festival Latinoamericano here in Provo every year. This was our third year going together!

John’s parents finally came home from their mission in Cameroon. It’s nice to have them so close again!

Ru has gotten into the habit of hiding in our covers. He does this particularly when guests are over, but I have found him like this during other times as well. It he’s hiding, he’s not doing a very good job…

Skimbleshanks. Keeping it classy.



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1 Response

  1. Judy Bush says:

    I feel almost caught up now! Now you must post your birthday and your anniversary!