Home is where?

We had the Provo constable come by our home on July 16 and give us this lovely letter:


Turns out, they have finally decided that now is the time that the building will be demolished. How unlucky for us that it happened at this time. This has completely changed our entire month outlook. We hope to find a new place soon. We are sad to be losing such a great deal on this now condemned building, but we are also sad for sentimental reasons. This is the place we first became friends, spent all our time dating, and our first home after marriage. It makes me sad that it will no longer exist. I won’t be able to drive by and say, “Look! That is where John and I lived when we met and first got married!” John has lived here so long, he’s worried that none of our friends will know where to find us anymore. And of course, this means that our garden, which we have lovely cared for, we have to be abandoned before it’s full harvest. We plan on taking as many things with us as possible, but a lot of our hard work will have to go unrewarded.

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1 Response

  1. judy says:

    It is sad to have your memories torn down. I hated it that the restaurant where Dad and I had our first date went out of busines! Nothing is the same forever!