At the farmers market. Met a nickelharpa player

John and I first met at the Provo Farmer’s Market. We try to go every week while it’s open. We love driving his scooter over there and parking anywhere we want and then wander up and down the aisles of produce, food, and crafts. Unfortunately, this year we are disappointed with the market. They are doing some major construction in the park (I think they are putting in a new water feature). This means the market has limited space this year. The worse thing though is the complete lack of farmers! Where did they go? The first week there were zero farmers. The next few weeks brought in a few booths which only sell cherries and few egg and meat farmers. We miss the regular farmers. Some of them we recognized year after year. We also miss our favorite food vendors. No more freshly made tortillas and a burrito for me and no more freshly made Thai spring rolls for John. Wha’ happened? I guess this means we will save a little money by not purchasing food there every week.

On the bright side, there has been a regular nickelharpa player at the market. He is fantastic! John and I consider “our song” to be Josefin’s Waltz which is a tune written by a band called Vassen and orginally played on the nickelharpa. We asked if he knew the song and he did!

Here is our nickelharpa player:

Here is a youtube video of Vassen playing it:

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1 Response

  1. Judy Bush says:

    I never heard of a nickelharpa before! Just when you think you know everything, something new pops up. It looks like a hurdy gurdy. It would be easier to play in tune than a violin! That was fun!