Around the house June 2012

It’s been a great relaxed month for me. Not for John unfortunately. His class schedule has kept him very very busy these last couple of months. It got pretty hot for about a week and the cats noticed too. Ru started sleeping in the weirdest places.

I caught him sleeping on one of the closet shelves. I guess it would be cooler in there.


Here he is under my desk. He never ever sleeps there and when I found him, I thought he was dead!


Our garden continues to grow (another post on that to follow). We have a TON of cilantro. All of it from cilantro we didn’t use last year. I’m determined to make the most out of our garden this year, so I looked up a way to preserve cilantro. The best or most fun way was to chop it up and then freeze them in an ice cube container.

Here’s the cilantro (a my last loaf of bread). I use almost everything except for the very woody stems and throw it into the food processor.


Then I put the cilantro in an ice cube tray. On one batch I just froze them as is. On another I filled the each “cube” with just enough water to reach the top. I think I liked the water way better because it made them a lot easier to get out of the tray.


Voila! Cilantro cubes! We are so excited because we love cooking with cilantro. But a little goes a long way and having so much cilantro at once is overwhelming and it goes bad so quickly in the fridge.


I think my strawberry season is coming to an end. I made two batches of the strawberry rhubarb crunch with my berries and rhubarb. It was probably the most delicious dessert ever.

Goodbye strawberry dessert. Until next year!


Another day, more cilantro. You can also see us drying oregano and thyme on the window. Some camomile is drying on the towel.



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  1. Judy Bush says:

    That is very cool about freezing the cilantro. It is such a great herb! You are SO domestic! I need to buy some rhubarb! I really want to make that dessert!