Memorial Day 2012

John went on a field trip for his botany class over Memorial Day weekend. Luckily I had something to do otherwise I may have never left the house or have spoken to anyone the entire time. It was our annual trip to Fairview!

Every year that I am able, I go up to Fairview to put flowers on the graves of my ancestors. I really enjoy it and it makes me feel like Fairview is my home village even though I’ve never lived there. This year it was Grandma, Aunt Annette, my cousin Nikki, and her three children. It was VERY windy. And although the clouds look ominous it never rained on us.

Trying not to be blown away!

The kids cleaning off the gravestones

Kian joining us after the wind let up a little


We visited all the graves and then went to the local dinner for lunch. The day was concluded by visiting the Fairview town museum which happens to be Grandma’s old schoolhouse. It was a great day and I was happy to meet up with Nikki’s kids again and find out that they weren’t too traumatized by the few days we took care of them. I was worried that they would no

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  1. Judy Bush says:

    It looks cold and windy. Your last sentence was cut off, unfortunately!