Garden May 2012

I took these pictures of the garden a few weeks ago. I’m just an inconsistent poster. I tend to post a whole bunch of things all at once. Sorry. I will get better. Make sure you click on the picture to see the description.


I have made one thing with a bowlful of strawberries and some rhubarb that I picked up while I was in Fairview.

Tis the season for strawberry-rhubarb desserts! Try this strawberry rhubarb crunch or these rhubarb muffins. They both turned out wonderful!

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1 Response

  1. Judy Bush says:

    It is amazing how much reseeded from last year. It was nice you knew what it was so you didn’t pull it out

    You should make the spiced quinoa and beet dish that Aunt Rachael fed us this weekend! It was tasty!