May Munchies

Update on the wonderfully tasty things we’ve been eating lately. These are some of the fun things from last month.

My sister Crystal came and visited us this weekend. She served her mission in El Salvador and so we decided to try and make pupusas. Sadly, they did not turn out the way we had desired, but John and I were undeterred! We decided our main problem was using old corn flour so we got some nice fresh flour and tried it out again today. I would say the result was pretty successful this time. We are still having a hard time keeping all the stuffing inside the pupusa. I tend to squish everything out, but the still taste good.

John made an excellent curtido to go with our pupusas. We also used some homemade queso fresco!

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1 Response

  1. Judy Bush says:

    It was fun seeing the pictures! Those pupusas really make me hungry! It is interesting to think new cornmeal made a difference.