the seeds arrive

We had great success with our garden last year, but this year we plan to try some new things. I know, I know. Why mess with a system that already works? We will just never be satisfied!

We decided that this year we would go with all heirloom and rare seed varieties. Heirloom seeds are from non-hybrid plants. They are open pollinated. This means that we can save seed year after year with no problems. We ordered our seeds online and they came in the mail today!

John is REALLY excited

We got sugar snap peas, mammoth red rock cabbage, bianca di maggio onions, five color silverbeet, Grandpa Admire’s lettuce, Parisian pickling cucumber, Cherokee Trail of Tears black beans, red malabar spinach, dragon carrot, oh so sweet watermelon, and Lutz salad leaf beet. Phew!

John seeding the onions indoors. Monkey is excited too!


I decided to participate by cutting back some of my strawberries from last year that surprisingly survived the winter. Hopefully we will have another successful garden!

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4 Responses

  1. Ellis Nuttall says:

    This is delightful, John and Brittany! We wil love following along with the fun things that you find to do.

  2. Judy Bush says:

    I look forward to watching your garden grow throughvyour blog! This is going to be fun!

  3. Verlene Siska says:

    I am impressed!