We decided to try and make cheese. For some reason, cheese making doesn’t go so smoothly for us. We’ve tried three times now, all with varying results. Here are a few pictures from our efforts so far. We’ve only tried mozzarella.


We used raw milk. I was scared so I pasteurized it myself.

Stretching the curds

This was the second time result. The curds were really hard, but we got an okay result, but it was a little small. John enjoyed this as it was his first dairy experience in years.

This was the third time. The curds were too soft so the cheese was really wet and soggy. Still tasty, but a weird texture.

No matter how hard we tried, Ru just wasn’t into cheese making.

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2 Responses

  1. bushjb says:

    I love your new blog! Thisis going to be so fun for me!! Cheese making looks fun. I like curds.

  2. Barbara Stevens says:

    Home made cheese–what fun. I like your blog:)