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Spring has Sprung

Our little Mabel turned 9 months old yesterday. So it’s time for more pictures! We had a great time celebrating Easter with Grandma and Grandpa Nuttall. The cats loved the bouncer. Especially when it...


Nearly Spring 2016

We’ve had so a great last couple of months. So many people have come to visit us. We love having a home where people can come and visit and feel comfortable. We love seeing...


Around the house January 2016

This month has been surprisingly busy for us. But busy in a good way. We’ve had some wonderful friends visit us. First we had the Kimber and Craig Chafin stay with us an entire...


Happy Holidays 2016

Mabel’s first Christmas was mostly fun for us. We will be excited when she finally starts to understand what is going on around her. She got to meet her cousins for the very first...


I love fall!

I love the fall season. Maybe I’m biased because it’s also the time of my birthday, but I just love September through the end of December. So many things are going on and we...


China 2013

This time last year we had the amazing experience of going to China. Here is some evidence: Beijing and surrounding area:   Zhangjiajie: Yangtze River Cruise: Shanghai:   aaannnnndddddd fun signs:


Searching for Pinyon Mice

I finally got to go on a collecting trip last summer with my advisor Duke Rogers. For the past 4 years, something has always come up which had prevented me from going. This year...